Attention: People With Diabetes Frustrated With Unpredictable Blood Sugar: Discover The Secret To Lasting Freedom Below...

Attention: People With Diabetes...

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The Diabetes Breakthrough That's Helping Thousands Throw Away Their Medications For Good
30 world-class experts reveal real-world strategies you can use TODAY to regulate your blood sugar and achieve success!
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The Diabetes Breakthrough That's Helping Thousands Throw Away Their Medications For Good
Starts August 1st, 2024
You can't afford to miss this one!
Simply enter your first name and primary email below to register free.
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30 world-class experts reveal real-world strategies you can use TODAY to regulate your blood sugar and achieve success!

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Are You Finally Ready To Level Up In Your Journey To Better Blood Sugar And Diabetes Treatment?
Our 30 Top Diabetes Experts, Registered Dietitians, Doctors & Researchers Will Share Their Expertise On...
Unleashing Your Body's Natural Ability To Heal From Diabetes
Your body possesses an innate wisdom to heal itself from chronic diseases like diabetes. Discover how to tap into this powerful, built-in resource and experience a profound transformation in your health and well-being.
The Surprising Link Between Toxins And Insulin Resistance
Exposure to environmental toxins can wreak havoc on your metabolism and contribute to the development of insulin resistance. Learn how to minimize your toxic burden and restore your body's natural sensitivity to insulin.
The Diabetes-Reversing Power Of A Plant-Centered Diet
Adopting a plant-centered diet is one of the most effective strategies for reversing diabetes and optimizing your metabolic health. Uncover the science behind this powerful approach and learn practical tips for embracing a plant-centered lifestyle.
Harnessing The Metabolic Magic Of Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting is a time-honored practice that can profoundly impact your metabolism, blood sugar control and overall health. Discover how to safely and effectively incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle to unlock its transformative potential.
The Hidden Connection Between Stress And Blood Sugar Imbalances
Chronic stress can disrupt your hormonal balance and contribute to blood sugar imbalances, insulin resistance and diabetes. Learn evidence-based strategies for managing stress and supporting optimal metabolic health in the face of life's challenges.
The Gut-Brain Axis The Key To Conquering Cravings And Emotional Eating
Your gut and brain are intricately connected, and this powerful relationship can have a significant impact on your food choices and eating behaviors. Discover how to optimize your gut-brain communication to overcome cravings, emotional eating and other obstacles to healthy blood sugar control.
The Overlooked Role Of Nutrient Density In Diabetes Prevention And Reversal
Nutrient density is a critical, yet often overlooked factor in preventing and reversing diabetes. Learn how to identify and incorporate the most nutrient-dense foods into your diet to support optimal metabolic health and overall well-being.
Mastering The Diabetes-Stress-Sleep Connection For Optimal Health
The intricate interplay between diabetes, stress and sleep can have a profound impact on your health and quality of life. Discover practical strategies for optimizing this critical triad and experience a renewed sense of vitality and resilience in the face of diabetes.
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will give you the exact processes and strategies to...
Confidently navigate the complexities of diabetes management by developing a personalized, easy-to-follow action plan tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.
Effectively communicate with your healthcare team, ensuring you receive the support, guidance and resources necessary to optimize your diabetes care and achieve your health goals.
Skillfully monitor and interpret your blood sugar patterns, enabling you to make proactive, informed decisions about your diet, exercise and medication regimen.
Consistently incorporate stress-reducing practices into your daily routine, fostering emotional resilience and minimizing the impact of stress on your blood sugar control and overall well-being.
And so much more!
Strategically plan and prepare diabetes-friendly meals and snacks, ensuring you always have access to nourishing, satisfying options that support stable blood sugar levels and promote overall health.
Proactively address and manage diabetes-related complications, working closely with your healthcare team to prevent, detect and treat potential issues early on.
Enthusiastically engage in a balanced, sustainable exercise routine that you enjoy, harnessing the power of physical activity to improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, and overall quality of life.
Passionately advocate for yourself and others living with diabetes, raising awareness, fighting stigma, and fostering a supportive, empowering community committed to thriving despite the challenges of diabetes.
Meet Your Summit Host 
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2003, then earned a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 2012. He is the co-author of many peer-reviewed scientific publications.

He is the co-founder of Mastering Diabetes and Amla Green, and is an internationally recognized nutrition and fitness coach who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. He co-created the Mastering Diabetes Method to reverse insulin resistance in all forms of diabetes, and has helped more than 10,000 people improve their metabolic health using low-fat, plant-based, whole-food nutrition, intermittent fasting, and exercise.

He is the co-host of the annual Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, a featured speaker at the Plant-Based Nutrition and Healthcare Conference (PBNHC), the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Conference (ACLM), Plant Stock, the Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and has been featured on NPR, KQED, Forks Over Knives, Healthline, Fast Company, Diet Fiction, and the wildly popular podcasts Plant Proof and Nutrition Rounds. He is a co-author of the upcoming book Mastering Diabetes with Robby Barbaro, MPH.
Robby Barbaro, MPH
Robby Barbaro, MPH graduated from the University of Florida and is the cofounder of Mastering Diabetes and Amla Green. He worked at Forks Over Knives for six years before turning his attention in 2016 to coaching people with diabetes full time.

Robby was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 and has been living this lifestyle since 2006. In that time, while eating pounds of fruit every day, his HbA1c value has never exceeded 6.4%, and his blood glucose has been stable and easy to manage.

He is the co-host of the annual Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, a featured speaker at Whole Foods Global Headquarters, VegFest LA, Plant-Stock, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and has been featured on Forks Over Knives, Healthline, Medical Medium, Vice, Thrive Magazine, Diet Fiction, Thrive Global, BestLife and the wildly popular podcasts Plant Proof and Nutrition Rounds, and is the author of the upcoming book Mastering Diabetes with Cyrus Khambatta, PhD.

Robby enjoys exercising every day, spending time with friends, and sharing his lifestyle on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
Here's What You'll Learn
...From  Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!
Neal Barnard, MD
The Cause (And Surprisingly Simple Solution) For Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
Uncover the hidden trigger behind the Type 2 diabetes epidemic and learn the shockingly simple steps you can take to reverse your condition. This eye-opening presentation will challenge everything you thought you knew about managing diabetes and reveal a path to lasting health and vitality.
Will Bulsiewicz, MD
The Stunning Gut–Diabetes Connection (Type 1 & Type 2)
Discover the fascinating link between your gut health and your risk of developing both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Explore the cutting-edge research that's revolutionizing our understanding of this complex relationship and learn practical strategies for optimizing your gut microbiome to support healthy blood sugar levels.
Ocean Robbins
Shopping On A Budget: How To Avoid GMOs And Find Organic Foods To Reverse Chronic Disease
Learn how to navigate the grocery store like a pro and fill your cart with health-promoting, organic foods without breaking the bank. This essential guide will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to make smart, budget-friendly choices that can help reverse chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
Nathan Crane
How To Stop The Chronic Inflammation That Causes Diabetes, Cancer And Heart Disease
Chronic inflammation is a silent killer that underlies many of the most devastating diseases of our time. Discover the simple, yet powerful steps you can take to extinguish the flames of inflammation in your body and dramatically reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
Christina Miller, MD
Mastering The Formula For Incredible Energy
Unlock the secrets to boundless energy and vitality with this game-changing formula. Learn how to optimize your diet, lifestyle and environment to create a strong foundation for vibrant health and well-being, even in the face of chronic health challenges like diabetes.
Adam Sud
Biology Gone Right In An Environment Gone Wrong
Explore the fascinating interplay between your biology and the modern world we live in, and learn how to create an internal environment that supports optimal health and resilience. This thought-provoking presentation will challenge you to rethink your relationship with your surroundings and provide practical strategies for thriving in the face of environmental stressors.
Joel Kahn, MD
What Causes Heart Disease In Women (And How To Prevent And Reverse It)
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, but it doesn't have to be a death sentence. Discover the unique risk factors that contribute to heart disease in women and learn evidence-based strategies for preventing and even reversing this devastating condition.
Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MDs
Your Blood Sugar And Brain: Busting Food Myths For Top-Notch Brain Health
The foods you eat have a profound impact on your brain health and cognitive function, especially when you're living with diabetes. This myth-busting presentation will separate fact from fiction and provide you with a roadmap for nourishing your brain and optimizing your mental performance through simple dietary changes.
Michael Klaper, MD
What Are “Good Fats” And Are They Actually Good For You?
Fat has been demonized for decades, but not all fats are created equal. Learn about the different types of dietary fats and their surprising effects on your health, including their impact on blood sugar control, inflammation and heart disease risk.
Christopher Gardner, PhD
The Comparative Microbiome Effects Of The Mediterranean And Ketogenic Diet
The Mediterranean and ketogenic diets are two of the most popular approaches to healthy eating, but how do they stack up when it comes to their impact on your gut microbiome? This fascinating presentation will explore the latest research on the effects of these diets on the trillions of microbes that call your gut home and provide insights into which approach may be best for your unique needs.
Rick Dina, DC
Dietary AGE’s - Little Known Yet Critical Substances To Avoid For Optimal Blood Sugar
Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) are a little-known class of compounds that can wreak havoc on your blood sugar control and overall health. Learn how to identify and avoid these damaging substances in your diet and discover simple strategies for minimizing their impact on your body.
John McDougall, MD
How And Why Fat Paralyzes Insulin Activity
Insulin resistance is at the heart of many chronic diseases, including diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Explore the complex mechanisms by which excess body fat can impair insulin function and learn evidence-based strategies for improving insulin sensitivity and restoring metabolic health.
Robynne Chutkan, MD
Your Genes Are A Suggestion, Your Diet Is The Answer
Your genetic makeup may influence your risk of developing certain health conditions, but it's not the whole story. Discover how the foods you eat can profoundly impact the expression of your genes and learn how to use your diet as a powerful tool for optimizing your health and well-being, regardless of your genetic predispositions.
Laura Gouge, ND
Strategies To Overcome Food Cravings, Impulsive Eating And ADHD
Food cravings, impulsive eating and ADHD can make it challenging to stick to a healthy diet and manage your blood sugar levels. This practical presentation will provide you with proven strategies for overcoming these obstacles and developing a more mindful, intentional relationship with food.
Scott Stoll, MD
The Bizarre Connection Between Sleep Deprivation And Insulin Resistance
Sleep is often overlooked as a key factor in blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity, but the research is clear: chronic sleep deprivation can significantly increase your risk of developing insulin resistance and diabetes. Learn about the surprising ways in which sleep impacts your metabolic health and discover simple strategies for optimizing your sleep quality and quantity.
Michael Greger, MD
A Deep-Dive Into The Science Of Weight Loss, Calorie Restriction And Intermittent Fasting For Optimal Long-Term Health
Explore cutting-edge research on the effects of calorie restriction and intermittent fasting on weight loss, longevity and overall health. This in-depth presentation will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the science behind these popular approaches and help you determine which strategy may be best for your unique needs and goals.
Chef AJ
Processed Food Is Not Food! How To Stop The Food Industry From Hijacking Your Brain With Sugar, Fat And Salt
The modern food industry has weaponized sugar, fat and salt to create highly addictive, processed foods that can sabotage your health and blood sugar control. Learn how these engineered products hijack your brain's reward system and discover practical strategies for breaking free from the grip of processed foods and reclaiming your health.
Alan Desmond, MD
How To Give Your Gut Microbiome Disease-Fighting Superpowers
Your gut microbiome is a powerful ally in the fight against chronic diseases like diabetes, but only if it's properly nourished and supported. This eye-opening presentation will teach you how to cultivate a diverse, resilient gut microbiome that can help protect you from disease and optimize your overall health and well-being.
Clint Paddison
A New You In 4 Months – How To Optimize Your Cell Membranes For Maximum Health
Your cell membranes play a critical role in every aspect of your health, from insulin sensitivity to brain function. Discover the simple, yet powerful steps you can take to optimize your cell membrane health and experience a profound transformation in your energy, vitality and overall well-being in just four months.
Jason Prall
Chronobiology 101: The Role Of Your Circadian Rhythm In Regulating Blood Sugar And Insulin
Your body's internal clock, or circadian rhythm, has a profound impact on your blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. Learn how to synchronize your daily routines with your natural circadian rhythms to optimize your metabolic health and reduce your risk of developing diabetes and other chronic diseases.
Kristi Funk
Breast Cancer And Blood Sugar: The Role Of Estrogen, IGF-1 And Food
Explore the complex relationship between breast cancer, blood sugar and hormones like estrogen and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). This groundbreaking presentation will reveal the surprising ways in which your diet and lifestyle choices can influence your risk of developing breast cancer and provide practical strategies for optimizing your breast health.
Chuck Carroll
This Is Your Brain On Food: Strategies To Keep The Weight Off For Good
Your brain plays a central role in regulating your appetite, metabolism and body weight. Discover the fascinating neuroscience behind weight loss and learn evidence-based strategies for rewiring your brain to support lasting weight loss and healthy blood sugar control.
Dan Buettner
How To “Engineer” Your Lifestyle To Mimic The Longest-Lived People On Earth
The world's longest-lived people share a common set of lifestyle habits that contribute to their extraordinary health and longevity. Learn how to reverse-engineer these habits and incorporate them into your own life to optimize your health, prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and extend your lifespan.
Joel Fuhrman, MD
How Micronutrients Protect Tissues When Internal And External Toxins Wreak Havoc
Micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants play a crucial role in protecting your body from the damaging effects of internal and external toxins. This essential presentation will teach you how to optimize your micronutrient intake to support detoxification, reduce inflammation and safeguard your tissues from the ravages of toxin exposure.
Kim Scheuer, MD
The Art And Science Of De-Prescribing Medications
Medications can be lifesaving in certain situations, but they can also contribute to a host of adverse effects and unintended consequences, especially when used long-term. Learn about the growing field of de-prescribing and discover how working with your healthcare provider to safely and strategically reduce your medication burden can improve your health and quality of life.
Rip Esselstyn
Simplify Plant-Based Eating AND Save Time In The Kitchen
Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your health and blood sugar control, but it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. This practical presentation will provide you with simple, delicious recipes and time-saving tips to help you embrace a plant-based lifestyle with ease and confidence.
Matt Nagra, MD
Is The Ketogenic Diet An Ideal Solution For Lower Blood Sugar?
The ketogenic diet has gained popularity in recent years as a potential tool for improving blood sugar control and reversing diabetes. Explore the science behind the ketogenic approach and learn whether this high-fat, low-carb diet may be an ideal solution for optimizing your metabolic health.
Sean Hashmi, MD
How Sleep, Movement, Alcohol And Food Affect Your Kidney And Liver Health
Your kidneys and liver are essential for filtering toxins, regulating blood sugar and maintaining overall health. Discover how your sleep habits, physical activity, alcohol consumption and dietary choices can profoundly impact the function of these vital organs and learn practical strategies for supporting optimal kidney and liver health.
Monica Aggarwal, MD
The Role Of Ozempic, GLP-1 Agonists And Saturated Fat In Weight Loss, Diabetes And Heart Disease
Ozempic and other GLP-1 agonists have emerged as promising treatments for obesity and diabetes, but how do they compare to dietary interventions like reducing saturated fat intake? This comprehensive presentation will explore the latest research on these approaches and provide insights into their potential benefits and risks for weight loss, diabetes management and heart health.
Niki Davis, MD
Addressing Root Causes Of Disease Using Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle medicine is a powerful, evidence-based approach that focuses on addressing the root causes of chronic diseases like diabetes, rather than simply managing symptoms. Learn how incorporating lifestyle medicine principles into your healthcare plan can help you prevent, treat and even reverse chronic conditions and achieve optimal health and well-being.
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What is the Blood Sugar Freedom Summit?
This 4-day virtual event brings together world-renowned experts in the field of diabetes reversal who will share their insider secrets, proven tactics, and effective strategies to help you break free from the shackles of uncontrolled blood sugar and reclaim your health.

Are travel accommodations required to attend?
No! The Blood Sugar Freedom Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on the day they launch for the summit to anyone who has claimed their free pass. Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going live that day.

The summit can’t really be free... what's the catch?
Registration for the Blood Sugar Freedom Summit is currently free. Once registration has been confirmed, your access links will be emailed each day of the summit for the training sessions going live on that day. Each training session remains available for 24 hours from 9am - 9am the following day, after which, those sessions are moved to the Blood Sugar Freedom Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area. If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and amazing bonuses. You'll see the VIP Pass Offer after you register for your free pass above.

What happens if I miss one of the training sessions?
Each training session can be accessed by Free Pass holders for up to 24 hours each day of the summit. This allows you to maintain your life and still find time to catch each of these amazing presentations. You may also elect to upgrade your Free Pass to a VIP All-Access Pass which will grant lifetime access to all summit presentations at a low introductory price to help empower you to take action on what you'll learn!

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We are so confident you will love Blood Sugar Freedom Summit All-Access Pass and all the amazing value it contains, we offer a full 100% refund of your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, for up to 90 FULL DAYS! How’s that for a guarantee!?
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